From the prelude of Dr. A. H. Louie's recent book More Than life Itself: A synthetic continuation in relational biology. A quote from a conversation between Pythagoras and Prince Leon on the meaning of philosophy:

“... so in life, the contemplation of all things and the quest to know them greatly exceed every other pursuit.”

— free translation of anecdote recorded in
Marcus Tullius Cicero (c. 45 BC)
Tusculanae Questiones
Liber Quintus, III: 8–9

I am a scientist who is interested in understanding what makes living systems different from non-living systems.

This curiosity stems from the basic need to understand what we are and why we are here. I think every individual has their own way of dealing with these questions that fits to their personality, skill and the how they see life. Mine is through science. I see science as a systematic effort for generating knowledge through our interaction with nature. Surely, knowledge needs to be supported by intuition, creativity, and human experience to find the answers we seek. More can be found about my scientific endeavour on my research page. For a professional CV please click here.

I am also a student of baglama and kabak kemane, two members of the string instrument family of Turkish folk music. I am a member of the Turkish Folk Music group in Washington, DC area under the direction of Husnu Aydogdu. For more on Turkish Folk Music and our activities please check out the my music page.

I am also involved in community mediation efforts in the Baltimore and Washington, DC area as a mediator. More on community mediation and related links please see the page on conflict resolution.