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Got Married!

posted Jul 3, 2009, 3:21 PM by Murat Aytekin   [ updated Jul 9, 2009, 9:52 PM ]
On May 3rd, 2009 Monika Megyesi and I are finally got married after 7 years of dating. The event took place at the home of Mary and Tilden Edwards. The ceremony performed by our dear friend Tilden H. Edwards, Jr, founder and senior fellow of Shalem Institute for Spirutual Formation, an Episcopal priest and the author or editor of six books related to the spiritual life, in the presence of the family. Our 7-year journey together has been filled with joy and struggles of learning to live together and becoming more than we could ever be separately, thanks to our different background and experiences that helped enrich eachother's identity. The event was reflecting this fact: an Hungarian girl with Jewish decent, born in Romania and imigrated to Hungary, an expert in conflict management and a Muslim, Turkish boy, an engineer turned neuroscientist, married, on the other side of the world (USA), by an Episcopal priest whose love of God and people transcends beyond the construct of any individual religion and philosophy.